What Is the Best Temperature for Aquarium Plants?

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Plants are not just important to humans; they are important to fish as well.

They suck up carbon dioxide, recycle it and release it back as clean oxygen. Your fishes need Oxygen, and your plants need the right conditions to survive, especially the right water temperature…

A range between 70 – 80 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal for plant survival and growth. This, however, is a general estimation because different species of plants have different water temperature requirements. While a 70 – 80-degree temperature is suitable for most aquarium plants, it is not suitable for all aquarium plants.

In this article, I will be talking about the right temperatures for your aquarium plants so keep reading!

Aquarium Plants

Most aquarium plants are planted and grown away from tank water. Being out of the water and exposed to air, they are better off in colder climates than hotter environments.

This of course depends on the species of plant in question since tropical plants generally thrive in hot conditions.

Being in the water is a different ball game entirely. The growth patterns of plants are significantly altered when they are placed in water.

For this reason, be advised to do some research regarding what plant species are best suited for the water temperature of your aquarium before you buy them.

Salt Water and Fresh Water Plant Temperatures

Knowing the difference between freshwater aquarium plants and saltwater aquarium plants is also very important.

For freshwater plants, they can thrive in a wider range of water temperatures. This is not the same with saltwater plants since they require warmer temperatures to survive and grow.

It’s like this with saltwater plants mainly because they have their origins in tropical regions.

With this information, you can make the right decision when choosing your aquarium plants. Saltwater plants are not ideal for cold climates, generally speaking. If your tank has colder temperatures, then be advised to plant freshwater plants.

I’d like to point out that there are some cold-water marine plants, although they are a rare exception.

Are There Aquarium Plants That Can’t Survive in Cold Water?

Yes, there are. A few plant species will not do so well in cold water. There are certain plant species that MUST be placed in warm environments for them to survive.

What Kind of Plants Survive In Cold Water?

When you’re buying aquarium plants, you will get acquainted with some species that have strict growing needs (temperature-wise). Some of these plants cannot survive in warm water, so colder tanks are best suited for them.

So, what kind of plants can survive in cold water? It’s rare to find such plants, but they exist. These kinds of plants mainly come from cold, natural habitats.

Let’s take a look at such plants.

aatigerlotus e1589767626837 PetAquariums What Is the Best Temperature for Aquarium Plants?

Cold Water Pond Plants

This plant species is an excellent example of plants that can grow ONLY in cold water conditions.

If you reside in an area with chilly temperatures, then this is the right plant species to have in your fish tank.

Coldwater pond plants have quite a number of benefits. They help oxygenate your tank, as well as provide tank shade.

Tiger lotuses and Dwarf aquarium lilies are the most common options for cold aquariums. If these plant species are kept in warm tanks, they will melt and die.

Other plant species that do well in cold climates include Water Sprites and Scarlett Temples.

Some cold-water plants give you the pleasure of bright colors, and these types of plants add beauty to your tank. Such colorful cold-water plant species include the Water Hibiscus.

The Water Hibiscus has the ability to grow flowers, even in cold tanks.

Most flowering plants enjoy colder climates, especially during the night. The ideal temperature for such plants is 55° – 60° Fahrenheit.

However, there are some flowering plants that prefer temperatures that are 10° to 15° below their normal temperature. Once again, do some research before you buy your aquarium plants, just to be sure you’re getting those that specifically fit your tank temperature.

Plants That Can Grow in Hot and Cold Temperatures

There are quite a number of plant species that can grow in both warm and cold temperatures. Some of these include the Frogbit and Hornwort.

These are very popular aquarium plants, thanks to their ability to grow in diverse water climates.

Hornwort plants can do well in temperatures ranging between 59 degrees Fahrenheit to 86 degrees Fahrenheit. As for Frogbit plants, they can thrive in water temperatures ranging from 64 degrees Fahrenheit to 84 degrees Fahrenheit.

Their ability to grow in a wide range of temperatures also means they are easy to take care of. I’m sure every aquarium owner would love to have these kinds of adaptive plants in their tanks.

There are other aquarium plants that can adapt and grow in diverse temperatures. A good example of such a plant is the Anarcharis plant. Though they do better in warmer waters, they can also survive and grow in colder temperatures.

The Anarcharis plant can do well in waters that are 59 degrees Fahrenheit to 82 degrees Fahrenheit. They also do not require that much aquarium lighting to grow, which makes them easy to maintain in a cold-water tank.

The Java Fern is another excellent choice of adaptive plants. They can grow in several water temperatures.

Temperatures ranging between 60 degrees Fahrenheit to 83 degrees Fahrenheit are suitable for them.

These plant species are highly recommended for those who are new to aquariums, being that they are quite easy to maintain in several water temperatures.


Generally, water temperatures of 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit are perfect for most aquarium plants. However, this still depends on the plant type and the natural habitats they are coming from.

I trust that your question – what is the best temperature for aquarium plants? has been answered by this article.

I hope the extra information provided has also been helpful.

Good luck!

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