Do Sea-Monkeys Eat Each Other?

Sea-Monkeys look weird and do some weird stuff.

I get a lot of weird questions about Sea-Monkeys.

Recently, someone even asked me “Do Sea-Monkeys Eat Each Other.”

Sea-Monkeys don’t eat each other because they are not carnivores. However, Sea-Monkey males will attempt to crush each other to death in a battle for a female and hold the female when they are mating, so it may appear like they are trying to eat each other but aren’t.

Okay, since we established that Sea-Monkeys don’t eat each other, what do they eat?



If Sea-Monkeys Don’t Eat Each Other, What Do They Eat?

Original Sea-Monkey Food

Sea-Monkeys are a hybrid form of brine shrimp bred specifically to be pets and live longer than normal brine shrimp. So the best food to feed them is the growth food formulated specifically for them.

The growth food is basically spirulina and yeast that you can buy at or on Amazon.

There are other foods you can buy for normal brine shrimp that you can feed to Sea-Monkeys as well. The best formulation to get would include spirulina.

Since Sea-Monkeys are a type of brine shrimp, you can also find foods at your local pet store explicitly created for brine shrimp.

The foods you find in the pet store will contain powdered algae, wheat flour, yeast, and egg yolks.

In The Wild

In the wild, Sea-Monkeys were known as filter feeders, which means they are part of the group of animals that naturally filter the water, so Sea-Monkeys would get their food from the water.

They mainly eat algae and phytoplankton.

If you do live next to a lake or the ocean, please, don’t try to gather your own algae plankton.

If you do, you could introduce bacteria into your tank.

Related Questions to Do Sea-Monkeys eat each other?

Do Sea-Monkeys Attack Each Other?

Male Sea-Monkeys will attack each other when they are ready to mate. If two Sea-Monkeys want the same female, they will attack each other with their long arms and either fight until one dies, gives up or both die.

If two Sea-Monkeys are stuck to each other, it could mean the Sea-Monkeys are fighting or else mating, which leads us to our next question…

Do Sea-Monkeys Hold Each Other?

The male Sea-Monkey will use its long arms to hold the female during mating for several minutes to an hour until all of the eggs are fertilized.


So, now that you know that Sea-Monkeys don’t eat each other, I hope this doesn’t make you think they aren’t an exciting pet.

When your child gets the Sea-Monkey kit, they are supposed to add the water purifier which includes salt to distilled, spring, or tap water.

What they don’t know is that the packet contains some eggs as well.

They are supposed to wait 24 hours before they add the eggs packet which contains a blue dye and some more eggs.

The inventor Harold Von Braunhut knew the Sea-Monkey eggs would hatch instantly but you wouldn’t be able to see them right away.

After 24 hours, when the child adds the second pack which they think is nothing but eggs, the blue dye attaches to the already living Sea-Monkeys and you can see them swimming around instantly.

It is a small white lie but the whole process is outlined in Harold’s patent. It is all a part of the ‘magical’ experience for your child of waiting in anticipation for 24 hours to watch their Sea-Monkeys hatch.

Enjoy your Sea-Monkeys!

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