Do Magnetic Aquarium Cleaners Work?

There will always be algae in your fish tank, no matter how hard you try!

Some fish and invertebrates will love eating them– and algae filter the water.

Algae help your fish tank look natural– like a river or a sea. They are not boring– there are so many types of algae. But they do spoil the view, making it harder to spot and gaze at those gorgeous fish!

Brown or green diatom looks like soft flour. Black Beard algae grow in clumps. Hair algae grow fast. Green Spot algae grow on the aquarium walls and are hard to get rid of. Blue-green algae are slimy cyanobacteria. Green water looks like pea soup.

So, what can you do to keep the algae under control? The answer is magnetic aquarium cleaners.

Magnetic aquarium cleaners work well because you can scrape the algae off the inside of your aquarium without putting your arms or hands in the tank so you are more likely to use the magnetic scrapers often. Make sure you get a magnetic cleaner rated for glass or acrylic.

Stay with us, and we will help you choose. You are about to learn how to control algae so that you don’t notice them at all. The algae are not going to disappear but they are going to be under control forever.

Magnetic algae cleaners are not just pie in the sky.

Magnetic cleaners are so much better than harmful chemicals that will eat away at the precarious life and precious fish in the tank!

What Does An Algae Magnet Do?

Hygger Aquarium Strong Magnetic Cleaner

Magnetic algae cleaners use magnets to remove algae from the walls of your tank. The cleaners have an inside and an outside component. Both components have powerful magnets that let you move the cleaner around the tank without getting your hands wet. The internal part has a sponge or scrubber– this is the part that removes the algae from the walls.”

So Which Magnetic Algae Cleaner Should I Get?

The simple answer is: you should get the right algae cleaner for your tank!

If your tank is acrylic, an abrasive magnetic algae cleaner could over time scrape and scratch the walls of your aquarium.

So you should buy a magnet that has a softer scrubbing pad. Of course, your acrylic aquarium will get damaged over time—but you should avoid using an abrasive magnetic algae cleaner in any case.

If your fish tank is made out of coated glass, of course, it is stronger, and you can invest in a more abrasive magnetic algae cleaner. But bear in mind that you will need stronger magnets.

Believe it or not, the shape and size of your tank matter too.

Curved-edge and square-edged aquariums require different algae magnets.

If the magnetic algae cleaner is too large it might miss bits, leaving layers of caked-on algae in the corners, and destroying the effect.

Bowfront tanks are cool but require special magnetic cleaners with adjustable handles or a separate cleaner in each section. Be careful not to damage those sensitive surfaces!


Different types of tanks require different magnetic strengths.

If you are cleaning calcified algae that’s much easier than a thin film of a brown or green diatom.

The thicker the walls of your tank, the stronger the magnets have to be to make contact with each other—neodymium magnets being the weapon of choice!

The Best Magnetic Algae Cleaner For Me?

Once again, if your tank is acrylic you need a softer scrubbing pad.

If it’s curved-edged you might require adjustable handles.

If it’s calcified or the walls are thick you will need stronger magnets.

Some algae magnets have extra pads, brushes, and scraper blades to scrub away at stubborn mineral deposits– but maybe you should just opt for a simple plastic or metal scraper attachment.

Stainless steel razor blades will help you to scrape away at the tough mineral deposits that have built up on the walls of your aquarium. This will serve you well in your never-ending war against hard water stains!

Easy to Use!

This is the most important thing of all.

Fiddling around with long-handled slippery scrubbers is bad for the soul!

Get the job done with as little fuss and stress as you can.

Ergonomic handles and non-slip grips might just save your last shreds of sanity!

The inner magnet should be easy to remove and clean too.

Just save yourself from all that stress!

Are Magnetic Algae Scrapers Worth It?

Of course, they are, the trick is to make them work for you!

Don’t let them damage the walls of the aquarium.

Make sure it gets the algae out of the corners and off the sides.

Be sure the magnets are strong enough.

Make sure you can clean the magnetic algae cleaner, and re-use it.

In other words, just make sure the magnetic algae cleaner works for you, and not the other way around!

Can You Leave Your Magnet Cleaner In The Tank?

Yes, actually it is best to have a magnetic cleaner for each tank.

This way, you won’t transfer disease or something gross from one tank to another.

If you do have to use one magnetic cleaner for separate tanks, you need to clean the cleaner before you transfer it to another tank.

It is more convenient to leave the magnetic cleaner in its designated tank and just take it out and clean it every so often.


The case is simple and you are the jury of your own aquarium destiny.

If you skimp and buy a razor to scrape your aquarium you won’t clean it as much because you won’t be motivated to get your hands and part of your arm yucky.

If you buy the magnetic cleaner you will actually enjoy scraping your aquarium because of the amusement involved in watching the magnetic scrapers work.

Happy scraping!

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