Do Axolotls Need Other Axolotls? Not Really.

Axolotls are relatively solitary creatures that do not mingle with their own species or other ones too much. They lead mostly a secluded life in the shady waters of Mexican lakes and are a rare sight to see in nature.

Axolotls do not seek the company of other axolotls and the presence of others can be stressful. The appearance of another axolotl is perceived more as a threat and invasion of territory (possibly as competition for food) than a pleasant company. Axolotls are lonesome creatures that do not enjoy each other’s company. Unlike most aquatic inhabitants they prefer to be alone and not mingle with each other. They do not need the presence of other fish. “

In the wild, they are fairly solitary and do not need to belong to a group. Axolotls are known for showing cannibalistic behavior, meaning they will attack and eat each other. The Mexican walking fish is cannibalistic by nature and will hunt for prey, but they don’t hunt for each other. Axolotls hunt by sensing the movement of their prey.

Axolotls prefer cool and shady waters without too many currents, waves, and other turmoil. That is why in their natural environment they are found only in two lakes in the entire world which are located in Mexico.

What Is the Social Behavior of Axolotls?

Axolotls are not social creatures. They are cannibalistic and will often intentionally avoid other axolotls.

Probably a fascinating fact is that their limbs are able to regenerate and grow back. Axolotls are famous for being able to re-grow limbs and even their organs as long as it is not the brain. The brain is the place that controls all bodily functions, including regenerative processes.

Depending on the personality of your axolotl, some may come to the side of their tank to the person observing them. However, they do not require any tank companions. They should not be kept with other fish as the axolotl will most likely try to eat it and the fish may also attempt to nip at them a lot.

Can You Keep Two Axolotls in A Tank?

Theoretically, you can keep two axolotls in a tank together. However, it is not recommended for the described cannibalistic reasons above.

If you decide to keep two axolotls together, try to pair two adults together to decrease the likelihood of them eating each other. The whole point of the attack in the end is to feed and swallow and if they are of the same size, the likelihood of them nipping each other decreases.

Also, provide them with enough space between each other. Choose a bigger and wider tank, where both will be able to swim freely (and walk freely) without interrupting each other and being in each other’s way all the time. Whether or not they will interact depends entirely on them.

If you pair up a young axolotl and an adult one, the adult will surely attack the younger one. As already mentioned, axolotls see each other mainly as competition and if one dominates in size and age, it will definitely show its cannibalistic nature.

Do Axolotls Get Lonely?

No, axolotls do not get lonely. Their perception of life and existence is different than what humans need to be happy. They are solitary animals by nature, and they live alone. Axolotls do not interpret life through feelings, happiness, belonging, and anything of this nature. They just exist and survive.

So, do not worry. If you are planning to adopt an axolotl and you are wondering, if to get companions for it, think no more. As long as you provide a healthy tank with cool shady water, lots of plants and filter then your unique pet will be happy.

Do Axolotls Eat Their Babies?

Yes, axolotls do eat their own babies. It is a shocking fact for us, but they do. It is part of their cannibalistic nature. That is why, if your axolotl has babies, it is best to keep them in a separate tank and let them grow alone. As adorable as axolotls are they do have their own downsides.

Do Axolotls Recognize Their Owners?

Yes, they do, sometimes. If you have spent lots of time with your pet and training them, then it will be able to recognize you. Also, axolotls usually recognize hand gestures and movements and when someone approaches the tank. However, do not expect too much affection. Axolotls are not cats or dogs and do not care about other creatures or affection.

Naturally, axolotls have no interest in people, but domesticated ones tend to get excited when the owner is around.

Do Axolotls Like to Be Petted or Touched?

No, generally axolotls do not like to be petted or touched. They have a very sensitive outer protective skin layer that can easily be damaged if you are not careful.

They also get stressed very easily and every disturbance of their environment – cleaning the tank, feeding them, or petting them – is a huge stress for them.

Axolotls have extremely delicate bodies and should be touched only when absolutely necessary. Also, remember to always wash your hands before petting your animal or even when feeding it.


Axolotls do not need other axolotls. They do not need each other to live happily or to survive. The Mexican walking fish is a very solitary creature that lives alone and does not enjoy the company of its own or other species.

It is not recommendable to pair up two axolotls together, especially if they are not of the same size. The bigger one will surely attack and bite off parts of the smaller one. Axolotls even eat their own babies and if there are any babies in the same aquarium it is best to move them to another tank and let them live separately.

And a couple of more facts:

1. Axolotls do not get lonely.

2. They are not social creatures.

3. Axolotls could recognize their owners.

4. They do not care about feelings or affections.

5. They eat other fish.

6. Axolotls do not enjoy being touched or petted.

7. They are stressed very easily and prefer tranquil and quiet environment.

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