Do Axolotls Live in The Ocean?

Axolotls are becoming a very popular aquarium pet in the United States, so naturally many questions are arising about this strange, unique creature. Recently, one of my friends asked me if axolotls live in the ocean?

We know for a fact that axolotls don’t live in the ocean because of where they originated from. We know that axolotls don’t live in the ocean because they originated from two freshwater lakes in Mexico – Lake Xochimilco and Lake Chalco. Since the axolotl originated from freshwater it its body is adapted to freshwater and wouldn’t be able to live in the saltwater of the ocean.

Since axolotls don’t live in the ocean, you would have to setup a freshwater aquarium at home if you were going to keep an axolotl. Some axolotls have been found to be tolerant of saltwater with a little salt, but it is not necessary.

They are still freshwater creatures that do not live in the ocean.

Axolotl History

No one really knows when exactly the axolotl came into existence, but it was first found in the lakes in Mexico mentioned above.

Most scientists believe the axolotl may have evolved from a form of salamander that didn’t completely metamorphose into a full salamander. The reasoning is because salamanders transform from the larvae stage into an amphibian.

In fact, in 1863, some axolotls were sent to Jarden Des Plantes – someone in Paris. A zoologist named Auguste Dumeril came in possession of some axolotls and discovered that they never fully developed from their larval stage as other salamanders do.

Amphibians live in water and on land. Axolotls are certainly related to salamanders and are often mistaken as salamanders, yet they live their entire lives completely underwater.

Axolotls weren’t found anywhere else except for these two lakes in Mexico. They are actually eaten as food in Mexico and since they are only in these two lakes in Mexico, they are endangered.

Even though they are endangered, axolotls are becoming increasingly popular as aquarium pets. They are in demand as pets because of their unique appearance and are easy to take care of. They are also popular because of a freakish ability…

They can completely regenerate lost limbs!

Yes, you read that right. Axolotls are being bred in labs to use for testing to unlick the secrets of limb regeneration.


Axolotls do not live in the ocean. Axolotls live in freshwater and are becoming popular aquarium pets. They are exciting to observe because they are so unique and will even interact with you through the aquarium glass.

They can be taught to eat food from your hand, and you can even hold them although only for a few seconds and it is not recommended to do so.

Axolotls are fascinating because of their freakish ability to regenerate lost body parts. They are being bred in captivity “for pet aquariums so go get one today!

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