Koi Ponds

Koi Feeding Chart

Having a Koi fish and watching them feed is one of the most interesting things to do. Koi fish can be trained to come to the surface and accept food directly from your hand. Koi need nutritionally balanced food for their growth and proper body functioning as well as for their immunity.  The quantity of …

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Are Koi Ponds Japanese? Not the Answer You Were Looking For

Are koi ponds Japanese, you might wonder? No, they are not. Koi ponds originate from ancient China. The first decorative water formations come from the concept of designed private and public parks in ancient Persia and ancient China. Eventually, the idea was exported to Japan. It gained vast popularity there and started being associated with …

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Are Koi Ponds Cruel?

There are many debates about whether keeping animals in zoos, using them for shows, or even having them as pets is cruel to them. Regardless of how well they are taken care of, the animals are far from their natural environment and way of life. To some people, keeping them captive for the entertainment industry …

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