Can Your Fish See You Through the Tank?

The entire point of having a fish tank is being able to watch your fish swim around and explore their environment. Yet, have you ever wondered if your fish can see you through their tank?”

Your fish can see you through the tank if the tank is clean and made of clear glass. Fish have excellent eyesight and can probably see you better than you see them! One reason for this is that fish eyes are positioned on the sides of their head for a nearly 360-degree view of their environment.”

The rest of this article will explore how fish see their world and what colors they can see. By the end, you’ll have a better understanding of your fish’s visual capabilities and how to make their environment more stimulating for them.

How Fish See in and Through Their Tank

If you have a clear, clean glass tank, your fish can see you and your living room just fine. Fish eyes are similar to human eyes because they have a lens that focuses light on the retina. However, they see things differently than humans do, and this panoramic view comes at the expense of depth perception.

In addition to this, fish do not have eyelids, so their eyes are always open and taking in light. This means that they are constantly bombarded with visual stimuli and have to filter out a lot of information to focus on what’s important.

According to Earth Life, one way that fish accomplish this is by using their lateral line system. This network of receptors runs along the length of the fish’s body and helps them detect movement. This system is so sensitive that fish can even use it to sense the tiny vibrations made by other fish, which is how they communicate with each other.

The lateral line system also allows fish to see in low light conditions because it can detect changes in water pressure. This means that your fish can still see you just fine even when it’s dark.

How Fish Keep Their Eyes Clean

Fish have a different way of keeping their eyes debris-free since they don’t have eyelids.

Instead, fish have something called a nictitating membrane which is a clear membrane that covers the eye when necessary. This membrane helps protect the eye and keeps it moist. When this membrane is not needed, it lies flat against the eye.

Fish also have a special gland called the Harderian gland, which produces a lubricating fluid that moistens the eye and keeps it free of debris.

Can Your Fish See Color Through the Tank Glass?

We now know that fish have very good eyesight and can see quite well. Yet, it doesn’t end there. It turns out that scientists have learned that some fish can even see colors!

However, the colors that your fish can see will depend on the type of fish you have. For example, goldfish and bettas can see a wider range of colors than other fish. This is because they have more cones in their eyes, which are responsible for color vision.

On the other hand, according to National Geographic, fish like sharks and catfish have very few cones in their eyes and are mostly colorblind. This is because they live in environments where there is not a lot of light, so they don’t need to be able to see colors.

How To Make Your Fish Tank More Visually Stimulating

With your new knowledge of how your fish see the world, you can now make some changes to their environment to make it more visually stimulating for them!

Here are some tips for how you can do that:

  • Add some stimulating plants and decorations to their tank. This will give them something to explore and can help make their environment more stimulating.
  • Try adding a mirror to their tank. This will give them something to look at, and it can help them exercise their eyesight.
  • Try changing the color of the gravel or rocks in their tank. This will give them something new to look at, and it can help make their environment more visually interesting for them.


As we’ve learned, your fish can not only see you through the tank, they can see you very clearly. They can probably see you better than you can see them! Just remember to keep their tank clean and well-lit, and they will be able to see you and their environment just fine.


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