Aquarium Kits Vs Buying Seperately

Advantages of Aquarium Kits Vs Buying Seperately:

Kits Seperate
Less ChoicesBetter Equipment
Less ResearchMore Interactive Setup
Easy for BeginnersMore Choices Available
Less Time ConstraintMore Educational

You would be right to say that choosing a fish tank is the most important aspect of setting up a home aquarium.

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As you would guess, there are many options available when it comes to buying a fish tank. There are also several things you have to consider before buying one.

There’s something else you have to contend with – whether to go with a complete aquarium kit or buy a fish tank and its components separately.

In this article, I’ll be looking at both aspects, so if you’re interested in getting more information regarding aquarium kits vs buying separately, then keep reading!

Aquarium Kits

For those who don’t know, an aquarium kit is a total package that includes everything you need to set up your aquarium.

Generally, aquarium kits include filters, filter cartridges, tanks, nets, and gravel. This of course depends on the brand or manufacturer.

As for costs, buying an aquarium kit is cheaper than buying the components separately.

Many retailers offer full aquarium kits, which include all the basic components and water additives to get a new aquarium set up and running.

The only items you might find missing are the tank ornaments and substrate.

You can find them in the most popular sizes, which range from 10-gallon kits to 55-gallon aquarium starter kits.

You can also find them in shapes like a 26-gallon bow front kit or 36-gallon bow front kit.

These aquarium kits have a major advantage, and this is their affordability and availability in said sizes.

Supplies in An Aquarium Kit

An aquarium kit has several supplies, we will look at them one by one.

Filter: Aquarium Kits usually come with a HOB (Hang on The Back) power filter.

Heater: A heater is another feature you can find in an Aquarium kit, usually suitable for the size of the aquarium.

Heaters are responsible for keeping your tank water at the right temperature for your fish. Kits can also include a thermometer (to measure the temperature).

Water Conditioners: Kits also include water conditioners, they are responsible for making tank water safe for your fish.

Kits that include conditioners usually have an adequate amount to get your aquarium up and running.

Over time, you will need to buy more conditioners for tank-water treatment.

Food: What’s an aquarium supply without fish food? It is not unusual to see aquarium kits with sample food. Most times, the fish food comes in small packs of commercial flakes that are ideal for feeding just about any species of aquarium fish.

Keep in mind, these packs of fish food can only last a few days (for a small group of fish). When the packs are exhausted, you will need to buy more flakes or other types of fish food. These include freeze-dried or frozen foods, and pellets.

Buying Components and Aquariums Separately

If you’re the type of aquarist who doesn’t fancy using the brands or types of components included in kits, your best option would be to buy the aquarium and the components separately.

This may be the more expensive option, but it permits you the freedom to choose different styles of components. It also means you will be spared of using the same product brands as the manufacturer of the kit.

Factors to Consider Before You Buy Your Aquarium Kit

Before you dip your hand in your pocket and pull out the cash for that aquarium kit, you should consider a few factors first.

So, what are these factors? Stay with me, let’s take a look at them one by one!

How many fish do you want in your tank?

The more fish you want, the bigger your tank needs to be.

If you’re not interested in having much fish, and just want a few, then a small 3-gallon tank will be ideal for you.

A 3-gallon tank is capable of housing 4 to 5 small fish and can house 1 large fish comfortably.

The amount of fish you want would ultimately determine the size of tank you would need to get.

Freshwater or saltwater?

If you’re new to the world of aquariums, then I suggest you stay away from saltwater fish tanks. I say this because saltwater tanks require a lot more effort to maintain. Though saltwater tanks have an advantage, being that it allows you choose from a very wide range of fish.

With saltwater tanks, you can choose a variety of exotic and colorful species of fish. So basically, what saltwater brings in terms of difficult maintenance, is made up for with the quality and beauty of fish you can get.

On the other hand, freshwater tanks are by far easier to maintain. They don’t require daily monitoring to ensure the levels are correct.

How large is the space you have for your tank?

Where you want to place your tank is another factor you have to consider. Besides the size and number of fish you plan to buy, the available space in your apartment or home will also determine the size of fish tank you will get.

If you live in an apartment with limited space, a desktop tank will be my recommendation. However, if you have large spaces to spare, a 10 to 50-gallon tank wouldn’t hurt!

Basically, the main factors that will determine the type of aquarium kit you will buy include –

  • Space
  • Number of fish
  • Type of fish

Aquarium Materials

Aquarium kits are usually made of glass or acrylic material. The choice on which is best is completely up to you.


These tanks are light and they have smooth corners that don’t chip. They are also durable, even though they feel like plastic.

Thanks to their lightweight, they are also easy to move around.


Tanks made of glass are significantly heavier than acrylic tanks. The advantage of glass tanks is that they do not scratch easily. They are also very easy to clean.

However, their chances of getting chipped are way higher than acrylic tanks.


I trust this article on aquarium kits vs buying separately has been very informative. Thanks for reading!

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