Can Axolotls Live With Fish?

Axolotls are still relatively new on the aquarium scene, so there is a lot of information online about them that is relatively unproven.

This issue is glaring when it comes to the question of whether or not axolotl can live with fish?

Axolotls are too sensitive to diseases or parasites, so they are put at too much risk if you mix them with other species, especially with fish. If the fish is smaller than the axolotl’s head, it will eat it by swallowing it whole, while a bigger fish might be tempted to nibble at the axolotls flowing mane of gills.

Axolotls may be cute. In fact, they were the inspiration for the black dragon in the infamous movie about how to train one but, there is something dark about this cuddly-looking creature…

Axolotls Are Predators!

Yes, you heard me right!. This cute little creature will try to eat anything that moves, even your finger.

It won’t hurt your finger, it will probably make you laugh because axolotls don’t have real teeth. Their teeth are more for gripping food so they can swallow it whole, which is what they will try to do to your finger.

If you put any kind of fish in the tank that is too small you will soon be wondering where it is?

Axolotls are so bad about this that they are even known as cannibals.

Yes, they will even eat another axolotl if the axolotl is small enough to fit into their mouth.

Luckily axolotls are renowned for their regenerative abilities. They can grow back their entire body, even parts of their brain, which leads us to another question…

Can Axolotls Live With Other Axolotls?

In fact, other axolotls are the best choice for a tankmate if you aren’t going to leave your axolotl alone.

If you do put axolotls together though, make sure they are of the same sex.

If you put a male and female, the female will constantly be pregnant! Man, these guys are naughty…

Also, you need to make sure the axolotls are the same size.

If one axolotl is smaller, the bigger axolotl will try or actually eat the smaller axolotl. Even if they are the same size, you will have to keep an eye on them.

Axolotls have a wide range of personalities, so even if they are the same size, an aggressive axolotl may keep biting entire limbs off the other axolotl and will have to be separated.

Don’t worry though, the severed limbs will grow back after the aggressor is hurt.

Axolotls Are Sensitive To Impaction

In their native habitat, axolotls ate worms, insects, tadpoles, and brine shrimp. 

They are slow swimmers but in a tank, they can catch a fish and swallow it. Unfortunately, the fish may cause an intestinal blockage for the axolotl that is renowned for eating aquarium gravel that can cause blockages(impaction).

It is recommended to have a bare-bottom tank for an axolotl.

Do Axolotls Get Lonely?

Axolotls do not get lonely, so they will be fine in an aquarium by themselves. We recommend giving them at least a 20-gallon tank so they have some room to move around and explore with some hiding places.

Axolotls will also interact with their owners when they are close or approach the tank.


There is a lot of misleading information online so please don’t listen to people who tell you certain fish can live with an axolotl.

Aquariums aren’t cruel as long as your critters have plenty of space, decorations, hiding places, and clean water at the right temperature.

Aquariums can be a blood bath though if you mix the wrong species, with axolotls in particular.

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